Renal Care

Pharmatec has been active in the dialysis industry since 1988 and has been working with all major hospitals and medical centers in Lebanon.

In its 25 years of experience in this field, Pharmatec has launched and distributed major global renal care products, including Cobe, Hospal and Gambro, and began its collaboration with Nikkiso-Europe GmbH in 2011. Today, Pharmatec can equip a dialysis centre in full, offering a fully-German setup. Renal care machines from Nikkiso-Europe, water treatment stations from Herco GmbH, mixing units for concentrates from CK-Medizintechnik GmbH, and therapy chairs from Bionic GmbH, all world-leading providers of dialysis products and services.

Nikkiso’s hemodialysis machines are some of the most advanced in the market, combining compact design, low running cost and sophisticated technology, as well as a safe and reliable platform.

Herco is a leader in water treatment technology, offering the most advanced systems in the world today with outstanding quality and workmanship in all its products.

CK-Medizintechnik specializes in top quality and highly reliable mixing units, serving several centres around Europe and Africa.

Bionic’s chairs have more than proven their durability and state of the art workmanship. Among the most reliable ever built, the chairs will last a lifetime. Bionic chairs cater to different wards such as dialysis, one-day surgery clinics, blood donation areas, oncology, recovery rooms, etc. These chairs will ensure comfort for all patients.